Bachelor of University Studies Degrees

The Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) program affords students the opportunity to plan their own curriculum, and to choose those courses which seem most valuable and interesting to them. Students should note that the BUS degree does not qualify the graduate for teacher certification.

Participation in Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines

By completing the designated courses for the BUS Degree, the student will have completed the requirements for the university’s writing program as described in the Academic Affairs section of the catalog for Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines. See the Writing Across the Curriculum section of the catalog for the designated courses used to meet writing requirements for your program plan. Course descriptions will also identify courses that are part of the writing program.

University Studies Degree available in Bismarck, Williston and online  


 BUS students must:

  1. Meet the criteria for graduation, including the general education requirements expected in other degree programs. Note: The major for BUS degree recipients will be posted as University Studies. A specific minor will be posted on the academic transcript if all of the academic requirements for the minor are met (Minors are optional). Teaching minors cannot be attached to the BUS degree.
  2. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours;
  3. Earn at least 30 semester hours from Dickinson State University;
  4. Earn at least 32 semester hours in upper-division (300-400) courses; and
  5. Apply for the BUS degree through the Office of Academic Records.

The Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center serves as the academic advisor.

    Bachelor of University Studies Degree – Prior Degree Exception

    If a student has previously earned a baccalaureate degree (or higher) from Dickinson State University or any other regionally accredited institution, the student may not graduate with a Bachelor of University Studies degree from Dickinson State University. A Bachelor of University Studies will not be granted as a second or third degree regardless of the number of hours earned.