NURS 298A Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Clinical

A clinical course in which students actively engage in learning experiences with individuals who are experiencing well-defined mental health illnesses. Students utilize the nursing process to care for adult clients to optimize mental health. Clinical experiences encompass nursing practices that protect, promote, and optimize health/abilities. A portion of the clinical experience may be offered at the North Dakota State Hospital located in Jamestown. Pre-requisites: NURS 131 - Basic Nursing Concepts II, NURS 198B - Basic Nursing Concepts Clinical II, NURS 240 - Fundamentals of Nutrition, PSYC 250 - Developmental Psychology, and BIOL 220 - Anatomy and Physiology II. Co-requisite: NURS 231 - Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. S/U grade only. Summer. Course fee required.