Foreign Language Requirement Exemption

International Students whose languages are other than English are exempt from Bachelor of Arts foreign language requirements but are subject to TOEFL requirements. Non-international students who enter Dickinson State University as native or near-native speakers of languages other than English, or students with undocumented foreign language proficiency may pursue the following options to secure a waiver, substitution, or record for meeting the requirement:

  1. Provide a transcript for graduation from a non-English speaking High School or College from a country other than the U.S.
  2. Take an approved proficiency exam, such as the NYU 16 point Language Proficiency Test, which certifies proficiency through the 102 or 202 level, as necessary, or a CLEP Foreign Language Exam, which certifies proficiency for up to *12 credit hours.
  3. Enroll in SPAN 102, SPAN 202, GERM 102, or GERM 202, as necessary, and pass with a B or better (pay recording fee for remaining 4 or 12 credits, as necessary).
  4. Enroll in SPAN 321 and pass with a B or better (Requirement waived*).

*Students must still complete the minimum credit hours to graduate. Students pursuing Spanish Majors or Minors ARE required to complete the 16 lower-division credits, and they must pay the recording fee for those credits. Those wishing only to satisfy the foreign language requirement do not have to pay the recording fee.