Bachelor’s Degree

NOTE: Candidates for graduation (Bachelor’s Degree only) must review Dickinson State University’s assessment requirements.
  1. The student must earn a minimum of 128 semester hours of credit including 32 semester hours from Dickinson State University.
  2. The student must complete the Dickinson State University 39 semester hours of General Education requirements for a baccalaureate degree.
  3. The student must earn a major of at least 32 semester hours of credit including 18 semester hours from Dickinson State University.
  4. The student must earn a minor if the student is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees, unless the student completes a Composite Major. The minor must be minimum of 21 semester hours, including 12 semester hours from Dickinson State University. Teaching minors must have a minimum of 24 semester hours including 12 hours from Dickinson State University.

    NOTE: A student cannot minor within their major field.

    NOTE: Exceptions to this policy exist in some areas:

    EXCEPTION #1 – If the major consists of 56 or more credit hours, no minor is required.

    EXCEPTION #2 – A minor is not required if the student graduates with a double major. 

  5. Bachelor of Arts graduates complete a minimum of 8 credit hours of foreign language study. The eight credit hours can be in one language or in multiple languages. ASL credits may also be used to meet this requirement. However, all Bachelor of Arts degrees granted through the Department of Language and Literature (English and Writing) require 16 hours of foreign language. The BA in Spanish is an exception to this requirement.
  6. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as well as a GPA of 2.0 in the major field of study.

    NOTE: Some programs, such as education and nursing, accounting, and business administration require a higher GPA.

  7. The student must earn a minimum of 32 semester hours of upper level credit courses (300-400).

    NOTE: Lower level courses (100-200) which have been taken at another college (two-year or four-year) and for which credit was granted to meet a 300-400 major or minor requirement will not count towards meeting this upper level degree requirement.

  8. Submitting a formal application for graduation at the Office of Academic Records is required in order to be eligible to receive a Dickinson State University diploma. Students may only submit an application for graduation once they have earned (grades are posted) a minimum of 90 semester hours of academic credit.
  9. Should a student complete the academic requirements of a degree program during one semester but not make formal application for graduation until a subsequent semester, the graduation date printed on the transcript will reflect  the date on which the academic requirements were met.
  10. Participation in assessment activities as outlined by the student's major program(s) is required for graduation.
  11. Degrees will not be posted until graduation requirements are met.