Limits of Hours Acceptable Toward Graduation

Dickinson State University places limits on certain types of courses that may be used to fulfill graduation requirements for the Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Limit of 30 semester hours of pass/fail (S/U). NOTE: Any pass/fail credits earned as a result of taking classes where a letter grade was not an option WILL NOT count towards the 30 credit maximum.
  2. Limit of 30 semester hours of  Prior Learning Assessment credit.
  3. Limit of 10 semester hours of Armed Service free elective credit.
  4. Limit of 15 semester hours of CLEP/AP credit.
  5. Limit of 6 semester hours of Service Learning credit.
  6. Limit of 12 semester hours of internship
  7. Limit of 16 hours of special topics/readings
  8. Limit of 8 credits of peer tutoring

(NOTE: All credit limitations that apply to the Bachelor’s degree shall apply to the Associate’s degree at one-half the credit hours.)