Writing Across the Curriculum

Participation in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Dickinson State University students seeking an associate or baccalaureate degree participate in the University program “Writing Across the Curriculum.”  This program involves completing a minimum number of credit hours in coursework that includes intensive written assignments and the development of writing skills.

Major programs across disciplines include writing intensive courses and a capstone course that includes extensive student writing. As part of this program, students are advised to complete the required college composition courses (ENGL 110 – College Composition I and ENGL 120 – College Composition II) no later than the sophomore year.  Successful completion of these two basic composition courses is a pre-requisite for enrollment in 200, 300 or 400 level writing intensive courses.

The Dickinson State University Writing Across the Curriculum Program endorses the following goals:

  1. To measurably increase the use of writing as a teaching and learning technique in the Dickinson State University curriculum.
  2. To implement sequences of writing activities within the Dickinson State University curriculum.
  3. To implement entrance evaluation of students’ reading and writing skills, and to offer appropriate placement to entering students.
  4. To introduce students to the academic and professional writing  of specific disciplines.
  5. To improve student writing for a general, college educated audience, and to enhance future employability.
  6. To provide cultural and professional communication models for a cross-section of the University community including parents and families of students. 

Dickinson State University's WAC Program development is ongoing. Students complete six semester hours of College Composition I and II (or Honors Composition) as required in the general education component. Departments develop or designate 12 semester hours of writing intensive courses within the courses required for each major at the 200, 300, and 400 levels. Capstone experiences required for degree majors include sufficient writing components to meet writing intensive standards. Thus, students will have specific points in their undergraduate careers which will emphasize the development and application of writing skills across the academic curriculum and ideally earn a minimum of 18 semester hours of writing intensive courses for baccalaureate degrees, and nine semester hours of writing intensive courses for associate degrees.