Notification of Financial Aid

Students will be notified of their financial aid by an Award Notice. Those who qualify may be eligible for grants, loans, and/or federal work study. Students must electronically accept/decline their award(s) on Campus Connection > Student Center > Accept/Decline Awards, before disbursement will be made.

Students must notify the Office of Financial Aid of changes in enrollment status or of additional resources received. Students enrolled in 6, 7, or 8 credits are considered half-time. Students enrolled in 9, 10, or 11 credits are considered ¾ time. Students enrolled in 12 or more credits are considered full-time.

EXCEPTION: Once a student has passed a course, it can only be repeated ONE time and be counted in
enrollment status for financial aid purposes. Subsequent repeats are counted as hours attempted; however,
they are not eligible to be included in enrollment status for financial aid purposes.

[NOTE: If a student is admitted into an eligible program and takes remedial coursework with that program,
those credits do count towards enrollment status.]