Shopping Sheet

Beginning in fall 2013, Dickinson State University is one of 500 institutions of higher education that has voluntarily adopted the use of the financial aid shopping sheet.

The Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that provides a national standard for financial aid award notices and makes it easier for students to compare awards from different institutions. The shopping sheet provides students with key information including:

  • How much one year of school will cost;
  • Financial aid options with a clear differentiation between grants and scholarships, which do not have to be repaid, and loans, which do;
  • The net costs after grants and scholarships are taken into account;
  • Vital information about student results, including comparative information about default rates, graduation rates, and median debt levels for the school;
  • And potential monthly payments for the federal student loans the typical student would owes after graduation.

All students (not just students who are veterans and active duty military), will find their Shopping Sheet online in their Campus Connection portal. Access at: Campus Connection > Student Center > Finances > View Financial Aid.