BA Spanish and BS Spanish Education programs require students to achieve proficiency in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing Spanish and to develop awareness and understanding of the Spanish-speaking world.  Through the study of grammar, literature, history, geography, and culture, students are prepared to be successful in whichever employment field they chose.  Employment in Spanish includes teaching at all levels, government work at numerous agencies, translation and/or interpretation, travel and tourism, media in journalism, advertising, publishing, film etc., the Armed forces, and international business, among others. 

Students are also encouraged to travel to Spanish-speaking countries to hone their skills, test their knowledge, and gain confidence in their abilities. 

Students who have completed two years of foreign language study in high school may begin their college studies with the first semester of the second year course.  Students who receive a grade of B or higher in that course may receive up to eight semester hours of credit in foreign language upon payment of a recording fee for those hours.  Students with extensive background in a foreign language (three or four years of high school study or extended experience or study in a foreign country) may begin their college language studies at the second semester of the second year and receive credit for previous courses upon completion of the course with a grade of B or higher and upon payment of recording fee for the credit hours deserved.