Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

College of Arts and Sciences


Full-time Faculty: Harris-Chair, Berg, Chen, Egli, Johnson, Johanson, Olsen, Roshau, Watson


The Mathematics and Computer Science Department provides courses, training, degree programs, and

outreach programs in order to prepare individuals to analyze and solve problems using the tools of mathematics and computing.  Understanding and mastering these tools equips people to better approach the challenges of any discipline, career, or field of study.  Also, the department prepares students for careers in mathematics, computing, and related professions.


Bachelor of Science in Education - Mathematics Education

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science Computer Technology Management


Mathematics (Elementary Education)

Mathematics (Secondary Education)


Computer Science (Elementary Education)

Computer Science (Secondary Education)

Computer Science (Traditional)

Computer Science (Information Technology)

Computer Science (Internet Applications)