General Academic Policies

  1. All participants in the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program (TRHLP) must be baccalaureate degree seeking.
  2. All TRHLP courses involve intensive reading and writing assignments.
  3. Students must follow the Course of Study outlined in the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program Guidelines and take additional courses in their discipline or other general education courses to meet the mandated full-time student load of 12 hours or more of coursework.
    1. Nursing students who wish to participate in the TRHLP are subject to a specialized curriculum and should consult with the TR Program Director and the Department of Nursing Chair.
    2. English Composition taken for high school dual credit does count toward TR Curricular requirements with an "A" grade only. Both Honors Composition I and II must be taken to graduate with a Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Minor.
    3. Public Speaking taken for high school dual credit does not count toward TR Curricular requirements.
    4. Dual credit classes may be applied toward the 128 semester hours required for graduation.
    5. Reasonable accommodations will also be made when the proposed Course of Study conflicts with courses required for a student’s major.
  4. Students accepting the TRHLP scholarship are expected to participate in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Curriculum requirements are detailed in the Course of Study section. Co-curricular activities may include luncheons, videoconferences, special learning opportunities, conferences, study tours, student enrichment opportunities and colloquia. Participants may earn academic credit for some of these activities. Consequences for unsatisfactory participation in co- curricular activities are detailed below in the TRHLP Program Guidelines and Maintenance of Honors Program Status, B.1-3.
  5. Qualified students may enter the TRHLP as sophomores and juniors. See the TR Program Director for details.
  6. Theodore Roosevelt Scholars who study abroad at a university that has a formal exchange agreement with Dickinson State University can maintain their TR Scholarship, but must enroll in equivalent honors courses at the foreign university or in courses approved by the TR Program Director before the beginning of the study abroad experience.
  7. Graduating seniors must apply for graduation indicating that they expect to graduate with a Leadership Studies Minor, then conduct a graduation audit with the TR Program Director the semester prior to graduation.