NURS 121 Basic Nursing Concepts I

NURS 121 is the first didactic nursing course of the AASPN program and introduces the student to the discipline of nursing and focuses on nursing process, concepts of health, illness, adaptation, homeostasis throughout all stages of client growth and development. Content/principles related to the following units are included in this course: (1) Introduction to Nursing and the History of Nursing, (2) Musculoskeletal System, Mobility and Immobility, and Sleep, (3) Nursing Process, (4) Skin Integrity and the Prevention of Skin Breakdown, (5) Fluid, Electrolytes & Acid Base Balance, (6) Diabetes Mellitus, (7) Normal & Abnormal Vital Signs, (8) Disorders of the Upper Respiratory Tract & Oxygenation, (9) Medication Administration, (10) Advanced Clinical Skills & Total Body Assessment. Pre-requisites: High school chemistry and algebra, or equivalent. Co-requisite: NURS 198A - Basic Nursing Concepts Clinical I. Fall.