National Guard and Military Call-up for Active Duty

  1. Students who are in a State National Guard unit called up for active duty, or who are called back to active military duty, must present to the University a copy of their official order, or a statement from their commanding officer attesting to their active duty status. This document will be placed in the student’s file in Academic Records.
  2. Students called up to active military duty must contact the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management to have a “Withdrawal from the University” form filed. The contact can be made electronically, by telephone, or preferably in person. Once the contact is made, the “withdrawal” form will be completed and the student will officially be withdrawn from the University through standard administrative procedures.
  3. Faculty will be notified of any student withdrawn from their course in this manner and for this reason.
  4. Students who withdraw from the University because of active military duty call-up will be given first priority for course registration when they return to Dickinson State University to continue their college career.
  5. Students will receive a full refund of all University tuition and fees paid relative to the courses from which they were withdrawn as a result of their active duty notification.
    1. Students who are recipients of Title IV aid will have their funds returned as required by federal statute and regulations.
    2. Refunds pertaining to room and board will be prorated.
    3. The University Store manager will provide exemptions to the book return policy for students called into active military duty.