Collaborative Pre-Engineering Program

Pre-Engineering Degree Programs

Dickinson State University and North Dakota State University have entered into an agreement whereby students can begin their study towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering at DSU. Students can complete the first two years of courses, including introductory engineering course, at DSU. This will prepare them for transfer to NDSU where they can complete the NDSU Bachelor of Science degree requirements in any of nine different engineering majors. After successful completion of four semesters of undergraduate work at DSU, students will apply for admission as a transfer student to NDSU. Most of the engineering programs require a minimum GPA of 2.3 to be accepted for transfer; the exceptions are computer engineering (2.3), electrical engineering (2.3), construction engineering (2.5) and mechanical engineering (2.8). NDSU has agreed to accept our course for transfer credit, however due to differences in course rotations, there is no guarantee on the length of time required to complete the remaining coursework.

Students are encouraged to work with their advisors to identify the engineering program most closely aligned to their interests; the program requirements for the first two years are similar, but not identical. Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 111) will include information on the difference among the various engineering majors.