Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center provides a variety of learning services to support students, faculty and staff in academic excellence at Dickinson State University.  From Disability Support Services to Peer Tutoring and Title IV TRiO Student Support Services funding, the Academic Success Center works collaboratively to enhance the mission of Dickinson State University through high-quality, accessible programs, promoting excellence in learning and supporting scholarly activities. The Academic Success Center is located in the lower level of Stoxen Library, and it is open M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Staff members can be contacted at 701-483-2999.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising through the Academic Success Center provides support for first year students, undeclared students, online and transfer students. Advising focuses on current academic need, transitioning to a discipline specific advisor and remaining as a point-of-contact for support services.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services coordinates the application and accommodation process for students with disabilities; counsels students with disabilities to determine program services over the course of each academic year; coordinates notification of accommodations for faculty, instructors, and other appropriate professionals; and coordinates training sessions along with disseminates information about accommodations and building inclusive, accessible learning environments. Students typically need to have documentation of how their disability impacts a major life activity, such as learning, from a qualified professional (e.g. medical professional) to determine accommodations.

English Language Learners (ELL)

The English Language Learners (ELL) Specialist leads the instructional, academic and institutional support for ELL, including non-native English speaking students and English speaking students enrolled in ELL related classes, workshops, seminars, etc. The ELL Program helps students develop the English skills to succeed in their courses of study as a student at Dickinson State University. The ELL Program also provides direct individual interventions aimed at specific learner needs.

First Year Experience (FYE)

The Dickinson State University First Year Experience (FYE) Committee commenced work again, in the Fall of 2013, to improve the overall student experience and ensure alignment between Dickinson State University’s Freshman Seminar course and best practice literature. The committee is comprised of the faculty/staff currently teaching Freshman Seminar courses. First Year Experience was developed to provide incoming students the academic, personal and social skills to successfully complete their first year of college and transition into becoming a successful upperclassman.


Through the Mentors-in-Residence program, Dickinson State University seeks to encourage independent and successful learning, foster student engagement in all aspects of healthy university life, and help provide an enjoyable and enriching university experience. Peer mentors focus on assisting students with basic skills and strategies such as note-taking, study techniques, test-taking, time management and stress management.  Students should contact the Peer Tutoring Center to schedule an appointment with a peer mentor.

Peer Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center at Dickinson State University offers academic support to enrolled students. The Tutoring Center promotes students' intellectual growth and self-confidence, regardless of initial skill or ability level. Certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, trained peer tutors offer individualized support for many DSU courses.

Services to Faculty

The Academic Success Center provides positive and comprehensive academic support services for faculty through Student Referrals concerning peer mentoring or peer tutoring; in-class workshops on note-taking, testing strategies, study skills and anti-plagiarism; and Supplemental Instruction using peer-assisted study sessions.

Testing Center

The DSU Testing Center supports the mission of Dickinson State University by providing high quality and testing assessment services for students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the DSU Testing Center strives to reach out to the community by providing a secure, professional and proctored testing environment by adhering to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines to meet individual, University and community needs for admission, English/Math placement, credit-by-examination, certification, licensure, and assessments of local high school students as well as freshmen, juniors and graduating seniors.

TRiO Student Support Services (SSS)

TRiO Student Support Services is a federally funded Title IV college assistance program. The Dickinson State University TRiO SSS works to assist first generation students, low income students and students with disabilities through intensive academic planning, professional development workshops, and social interaction opportunities, at no expense to participants. Dickinson State University TRiO SSS program entrance is limited to 200 students and is very competitive. Students eligible to participate must be U.S. citizens or meet the residence requirement for federal student financial aid. Students must also be enrolled full-time at the grantee institution, be first generation (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university), low income (as set by federal guidelines) or have a documented physical, learning or mental disability and demonstrate areas of academic need. TRiO SSS is located in the lower level of the Student Center.