Writing Requirements in Psychology

Psychology majors must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of general education WAC courses, which should consist of or be equivalent to DSU’s College Composition I and II, which are writing intensive, or transfer courses or credit considered equivalent according to SBHE placement and transfer policies. Psychology majors must complete an additional 12 credit hours of WAC/WID courses, which include the following writing intensive courses: 

PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology (3)

PSYC 260 History and Systems (3)

PSYC 335 Biological Psychology (3)

PSYC 491 Seminar in Psychology (3)   

       Undocumented, Additional Writing Intensive Practices in Psychology

PSYC 494 Independent Study/Undergraduate Research may also be considered a writing intensive course upon approval by the department Chair, providing that the instructor can document writing intensive practices.

Students in Psychology are required to provide a written analysis of their research activities at the end of their last semester of study.  Additionally students often submit an abstract to at least one conference and present their work either orally or by poster presentation (or both) at the Red River Psychology conference and/or the Celebration of Scholars conference at DSU.