Writing Requirements in Social Science

Students pursuing degrees in Composite Social Science, Political Science, and History must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of general education WAC courses that are not part of the students’ degree plan. Those credits must include DSU’s College Composition I and II, which are writing-intensive, or transfer courses or credit considered equivalent according to SBHE placement and transfer policies.  Composite Social Science, Political Science, and History majors must complete an additional 12 hours of WAC/WID courses from the list below, all of which are writing intensive:

ECON 106 Global Economics (3)

GEOG 454 Conservation (3)

HIST 325 Research Methods (3)

HIST 330 History of the American West (3)

HIST 345 History of the U.S. Presidency (3)

HIST 399 Special Topics (1-6)

HIST 491 History Seminar (1-6)

POLS 315 Public Opinion (3)

POLS 375 Environmental Economics, Law, and Public Policy Development (3)

POLS 380 Energy Politics (3)

POLS 399/ECON 399 Special Topics - American Political Economy (3)

SOC 115 Social Problems (3)

SOC 491 Senior Seminar (1-6)

SWK 256 Development of Social Welfare (3)

SWK 330 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)