EC 324 Early Childhood Curriculum, Methods and Materials

Students will analyze and evaluate developmentally appropriate early childhood curricula. Emphasis is on designing curriculum to enhance the young child's ability to construct knowledge through exploration and experimentation in all domains through the creation and management of learning environments that capitalize on "work through play", computer technology and learning activities and materials that are concrete, manipulative, real and relevant to the lives of young children. Curriculum development focuses on inquiry, reading and language arts, health and safety, mathematics, science and social studies utilizing the North Dakota Early Learning Guidelines and the North Dakota Curriculum Content Standards for Kindergarten. Requires a field experience component of observation/participation in an early childhood or kindergarten classroom, which provides the pre-service teacher with experiences in activity preparation, classroom management, and facilitation skills and applications. Pre-requisite: Admission to Teacher Education and EC 310 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education. Spring.