Department Scholarships/Awards

Scholarships/awards are gifts recognizing students on the basis of academic achievement, special skills, or other criteria.  

Waivers or Institutional Aid: Dickinson State University has developed a well-rounded program of institutional aid to assist students in their quest for a college education. Each student is given personal consideration, and an attempt is made to fit the financial aid package to the student's need. Dickinson State University's Institutional Aid Policy is posted on the website. This policy addresses the parameters that govern: Talon Athletic Tuition Waivers, Cultural Diversity Tuition Waivers, Fine Arts Tuition Waivers, Spouse or Dependent Tuition Waivers, DSU Rodeo Awards, Institutional Waivers, Senior Citizen Waivers, Academic Achievement Waivers, Early Bird Waivers, Housing Waivers, along with Centennial Merit Scholarships, Heritage Merit Scholarships, Cornerstone Merit Scholarships, and Transfer Merit Scholarships.

Heritage Foundation Scholarships/Awards

These scholarships/awards are supported by gifts from friends and alumni of the University. Students complete a scholarship application online during the designated time frame. Foundation scholarships and awards will be disbursed in two allotments for the fall and spring semesters. Contact the Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation for current listings. An external (outside the University) list of scholarships is available on the Financial Aid webpage.