Department of Health and Physical Education

College of Education, Business and Applied Sciences


Full-time Faculty: O'Donnell – Chair, Daniel, Leno, Miller, Moody, Stanton, Wetzel, Whitkopp


The mission of the Health and Physical Education department at Dickinson State University is to foster the development of dedicated, enthusiastic, reflective educators who serve our region and the country in the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles in the holistic approach of educating the mind and body. 

It is our goal that our graduates demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified educators in addition to personal competence in motor skill performance and health-enhancing fitness. Our graduates will possess the ability to design and implement progressive and sequential instruction adapted to diverse student needs while helping students develop responsible personal and social behaviors in a productive learning environment.

Participation in Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines

By completing the designated courses for Physical Education or Exercise Science degree programs, students will have completed the requirements for the university’s writing program as described in the Academic Affairs section of the catalog for Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines. See the Writing Across the Curriculum section of the catalog for the designated courses used to meet writing requirements for your program plan. Course descriptions will also identify courses that are part of the writing program.


The Ben C. Frank Human Performance Center is the first of its kind in any of the universities found in the State of North Dakota.

The Center utilizes the Athletic Republic Acceleration Program, a program which uses a combination of training methods and technology to enhance human performance.

Students in the Department of Health and Physical Education program benefit from learning about advanced training techniques and methods. This Center puts Dickinson State University on the cutting edge of physical education by creating advanced laboratory opportunities and preparing students for a successful career in physical education.


Bachelor of Science in Education - Physical Education (K-12)

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Professional Track)

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Sports Management Track)



Exercise Science

Physical Education