Academic Probation and Suspension

Probation: Students who do not maintain a minimum cumulative GPA) of 2.00 will be placed on probation and will remain in probationary status until a 2.00 (or higher) cumulative GPA is achieved. Student must have attempted a minimum of 12 semester hours.

Suspension: Students who have attempted at least 24 semester hours of credit and do not maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.60, may be suspended from Dickinson State University for a minimum of one regular term (Fall or Spring semester). Students receiving all F’s for a term may also be suspended. Any student who is suspended following the spring semester will not be permitted to enroll for the following summer session. After being suspended, a student may submit a written appeal to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

After a student has completed his/her suspension, or successfully appealed, he/she may re-enroll. However, if the student does not earn a minimum term GPA of 2.00 for his/her first term following the suspension, the student may be placed in suspension status again.

Transfer Students: Transfer students entering Dickinson State University with a GPA below the listed minimum standards will be placed on academic probation at the time of enrollment. The institutional probation and/or suspension policy will apply at the end of the transfer student’s first term (excluding summer session). For further information, contact the Office of Academic Records.