Catalog Years of Limitations

  1. A student who has an academic “break” (has not completed a course at Dickinson State University) of two consecutive years or more, excluding summer sessions, must change to the University catalog which is in effect at the time the student resumed his/her studies.
  2. A student may not complete a degree from an academic catalog that was put into effect more than six calendar years prior to their graduation date.
  3. Students who elect to graduate with an Associate Degree (AAS, AA, AS) and want to re-enroll at Dickinson State University in order to complete a baccalaureate degree may remain under the governance of their initial degree catalog so long as enrollment is continuous between the two degree programs.
  4. If a new catalog is published since a student’s initial enrollment, a student may choose to graduate under the governance of the new catalog, or remain under the governance of initial enrollment catalog so long as continuous enrollment is maintained with no academic “break.”
  5. Students who graduate with one degree (or double degrees) and then return to Dickinson State University for another degree must follow the specific program requirements printed in the most recently published catalog when they return for their additional degrees.