Course Numbers

001-099 Non-degree credit, pre-college level courses including remedial skills courses do not count toward graduation. (ASC 066, ASC 067, ASC 068, ASC 069, ASC 087, ASC 088, ASC 091, ASC 092, and ASC 093).
100-199 Taught at the freshman level, or the first course in a sequence.
200-299 Taught at the sophomore level.
300-499 Taught at the junior and senior level, but open to sophomores with permission from the instructor.
501 or higher Graduate level course.
 2000 Designation as a professional non-degree course that cannot be applied to an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Special course numbers include:

X90 Education methods courses within disciplines
X91 Discipline Seminar
X92 Experimental Course
X93 Peer Tutoring
X94 Independent Study, Undergraduate Research
X95 Service Learning
X96 Study Tours
X97 Internship, Externship, Cooperative Education
X98 Pre-professional Experience, Clinical, and Student Teaching
X99 Special Topics, Readings