Final Examination Policy

Where applicable, a final examination will be held at the end of most courses according to the published examination schedule. If a final exam is not given, faculty will meet with their classes at the appropriate exam time for a term-end instructional activity, e.g., discussion course projects or presentation of a seminar paper. Faculty cannot arbitrarily delete the final exam period from their course schedules for convenience or expediency because the final period is counted as part of the total instructional days required by the State Board of Higher Education. Any such cancellation of final exams because of personal emergency, etc., must be approved in advance by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. Change in final exam times from the published schedule requires the approval of the College Dean. Any student who would be disadvantaged by such a change should report this in advance to his/her instructor, who will ensure that satisfactory alternate arrangements will be made. Unresolved test schedule conflicts may be appealed to the College Dean.

Students having more than three exams on a single day can request that one of the course faculty move the exam to another day or make other arrangements to take the exam. The Department Chair will be informed of the situation. Any unresolved conflicts may be appealed to the College Dean.

Students absent from a final examination without a valid excuse will normally receive an “F” for the course. If a valid excuse is accepted by the instructor, the policies on incompletes or change of grade will apply.

Graduating Students Taking Final Exams

(Bachelor and Associate Degrees)

Graduating students will attend class up to commencement day.

Diplomas will not be presented at commencement. The diplomas will be mailed out three to four weeks after commencement.

Graduating students will be released from class for graduation practice, etc. Instructors will make appropriate arrangements with senior students to complete the final examination prior to commencement.