Incomplete Grade Policy

An incomplete grade may be requested by a student who has attended at least 60% of the course, has done satisfactory work (“C” or better) during the term, and whose work is incomplete for reasons found to be satisfactory to the instructor. An incomplete grade, “I”, may be awarded as an end of term grade, at the discretion of the instructor.

The instructor must complete a Course Completion Agreement with the student. The Course Completion Agreement is between the student and the instructor. The Agreement identifies the work to be completed, the date by which the work must be completed. Both the student and the instructor must sign the Agreement. Copies of Agreement are to be retained by the instructor and student, the original must be sent of the Office of Academic Records.

Upon the student’s timely satisfaction of the Course Completion Agreement, the instructor will complete a Change of Grade Form and submit it to the Office of Academic Records.

All coursework must be completed prior to the last class day of the following academic term for 16-week courses and at the end of the following eight-week session for eight-week courses. If a Change of Grade Form is not received by these deadlines, the grade of “I” will administratively be changed to “F”.

Students should NOT re-register for a course in which an incomplete grade is pending.