Evaluation of Transfer Credit Policy

Evaluation of Transfer Credit from U.S. Institutions

Dickinson State University accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions of postsecondary education. Before transfer credits are evaluated for specific course equivalencies or program requirements, the credits must be accepted by the Office of Academic Records according to university policies and procedures. These requirements apply to new Dickinson State University students as well as returning students who have subsequently attended post-secondary institutions since their initial enrollment at Dickinson State University.

  1. College-level coursework from regionally accredited colleges or universities (or equivalent for international institutions) is eligible for acceptance in transfer.
  2. Upon acceptance to Dickinson State University, the Office of Academic Records will perform an evaluation of all transfer credit for degree -seeking students according to institutional and North Dakota University System guidelines including Common Course Numbering and General Education Transfer Agreement. Transfer courses are reviewed to determine if credits are either accepted as a course equivalent to a course or applied toward general education or program requirements. College-level credits that do not have a direct course equivalent or do not meet a specific program requirement will be accepted as general electives and count toward total credits required for graduation. 
  3. Students who wish to challenge the rejection of credit for course equivalency, general education, or program credit may request an additional review by the Office of Academic Records or the appropriate department chair.  Students requesting an additional review are responsible for providing supporting evidence.
  4. Students accepted to Dickinson State University two weeks or less prior to the start of the semester will not be guaranteed an official transcript evaluation prior to registration. 
  5. Courses will be accepted in transfer to replace grades and credits earned at Dickinson State University if the course transferred is deemed equivalent to the Dickinson State University course. Therefore, if a course is completed at and subsequently repeated at another institution, the credit for both courses will be posted on the Dickinson State University transcript, however, only the most recent course will be calculated into cumulative credits and grade point average.
  6. College-level credit attempted will be posted as transfer credit by Dickinson State University. The following exceptions apply to this rule, and include, but may not be limited to the following:
    • Developmental courses by definition of the transferring institution or equivalent to a developmental course at Dickinson State University. Developmental courses may fulfill prerequisite requirements.
    • Graduate level courses by definition of the transferring institution legend.
    • Continuing education courses
    • Institution-based credit by standardized exams.
    • Credit granted for prior learning assessment, armed service credit or evaluated non-college coursework credit.
  7. Institutional policy requires that a minimum of 32 credits toward a baccalaureate degree be earned at the 300-400 level. Therefore, while 200-level courses transferred from another institution may satisfy a specific upper-level program requirement, those courses will not be counted toward the 32-credit upper-division degree requirement.
  8. Transfer courses and grades appear on the official and unofficial Dickinson State University transcript and are used in calculation of cumulative grade point average. In addition, transfer coursework is detailed on the academic advisement report on Campus Connection.  
  9. Quarter-system transfer credits are converted to semester credits, when applicable.

Evaluation of International Transfer Credit

According to ND State Board of Higher Education policy 402.9, international transcripts must be submitted to an approved evaluation service. Such an evaluation is the sole responsibility of the student. International evaluations must be submitted according to the guidelines listed below. The guidelines for the evaluation of transfer credit listed above also apply to international transfer credit.

  1. In most circumstances, an independent course by course evaluation from a NACES approved agency is also required. NACES members are listed at www.naces.org/members.htm. 
  2. Official transcript(s) issued in English must be submitted to Dickinson State University in addition to the evaluation unless the evaluation service provides certification of student documents and sends copies of transcript(s) to Dickinson State University.
  3. Current students who have completed coursework at an institution outside the United States also must submit transcripts to an approved evaluation service for a course by course evaluation.

Two GPA’s will be indicated on a Dickinson State University transcript:

  1. Cumulative GPA: This GPA will reflect all of the coursework which has been accepted in transfer and all work that the student has completed while enrolled at Dickinson State University.
  2. Term GPA: This GPA will reflect the grade point average, which has been earned in any given academic semester.