Writing Requirements in Mathematics

Mathematics and Mathematics Education majors must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of general education Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) courses. These credits would typically consist of DSU’s ENGL 110 College Composition I and ENGL 120 College Composition II, which are writing intensive, or transfer courses considered equivalent or credit awarded by SBHE and/or NDUS placement or transfer policies.  Mathematics and Mathematics Education majors must then complete 12 credit hours of Writing In the Discipline (WID) courses, of which 3 credits must be writing intensive, and 6 must be upper-level courses. The following courses will fulfill these requirements:

MATH 326 Abstract Algebra (4)

MATH 339 Topics in Geometry (2)

MATH 411 Introduction to Real Analysis (4)

MATH 430 History of Mathematics (3)

MATH 491 Mathematics Seminar (1)

Of the courses listed above, MATH 411 Introduction to Real Analysis is writing intensive.

In the case of a student transferring in a course for one above that does not have a significant writing component, Mathematics Education majors may substitute their Teacher Education Portfolio as a writing practice equivalent to three hours of writing intensive credit at any level. Writing intensive credit may also be available by taking courses in other areas, such as courses in a student’s minor, or other alternative means. Such alternative credit requires the student to submit documentation of intensive writing accompanied by a program substitution form filed with and approved by the department Chair.