Freshman Admission

Incoming freshman are encouraged to complete the application process between September and January for the following Fall Semester, or by November for the following Spring Semester, to ensure their application and documents can be processed in a timely manner. Please note it may take two weeks from the date all materials are received to process an application. Applicants can expect an admission decision by email and postal mail.

Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. Admission decisions are based on the total high school record.

Applicants must complete the following high school college preparatory courses, if under the age of 25 before the first day of classes (one unit equals one year of study):

  • 4 units of English;
  • 3 units of mathematics (at the level of algebra 1 and above);
  • 3 units of laboratory science, including at least 1 unit each in 2 or more of the following: biology, chemistry, physics, or physical science; and 
  • 3 units of social science.

In addition to fulfilling the college preparatory courses, grade point average (GPA) and ACT or SAT scores are considered in evaluating an application. The general guidelines used in making admission decisions include a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale). An ACT composite score of 18 or higher, or a SAT combined math and critical reading score of 870 if taken before February 2016. If the SAT was taken after February 2016, students must provide a total score of 950. The SAT test format changed, nationally, in February 2016, which is why two different scores are provided. Test scores from the old or new version of the SAT will be accepted. Students who do not meet these guidelines will be considered if other supporting factors show potential for success. Students over 25 years of age and older on the first day of classes are exempt from the ACT or SAT requirement.

First year applicants applying to certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs are required to submit an official high school transcript as proof of high school graduation. ACT or SAT scores are optional and used for the purpose of placement as defined in the NDUS Procedure 402.1.2. To be considered for scholarships, ACT or SAT are required.  

Dickinson State University will accept the General Education Development (GED) certificate from applicants 19 or older. GED score requirements are distinguished by what date the GED test was administered. Score requirements are as follows:

  • Testing Prior to 2002: an average of 45 and subject scores no lower than 40
  • Testing 2002-2013: an average of 450 and subject scores no lower than 410
  • Testing after 2013: an average score of 145