NURS 298C Intermediate Nursing Concepts Clinical II

NURS 298C is a capstone clinical course in which students actively engage in the care of individuals in all ages and stages of growth and development with stable and well-defined problems. Clinical rotations are concentrated in wellness, acute care, extended care, specialty and clinical learning laboratory settings. Clinical experiences encompass nursing practices that protect, promote and optimize health/abilities, prevent illness/injury and alleviate suffering. The student is more self-directed and the course culminates in summative evaluation of AASPN program outcomes. Prerequisites: NURS 241 - Intermediate Nursing Concepts I, NURS 298B - Intermediate Nursing Concepts Clinical I, NURS 215 - Introduction to Pharmacology and BIOL 221 - Anatomy and Physiology II. Co-requisite: NURS 251 - Intermediate Nursing Concepts II. S/U grade only. Spring. Course fee required.