NURS 436 Advanced Concepts Across the Lifespan

This online course focuses on advanced nursing concepts for care of clients across the lifespan with unstable, ill defined, acute and chronic illness. Evidence based practice guides the application of the nursing process in complex nursing situations. Comprehensive strategies are used to encourage critical thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration to protect, promote and optimize health and abilities. Prerequisites: CHEM 115/CHEM 115L - Introduction to Chemistry/Lab, NURS 328 - Nursing Role Transition, NURS 321 - Health Assessment, NURS 398A - Health Assessment Clinical, BIOL 357 - Pathophysiology, NURS 330 - Nursing Research, NURS 331 - Community Health I, and NURS 398B - Clinical Concepts I. Co-Requisites: NURS 425 - Nursing Leadership and Management and NURS 498A - Clinical Concepts. Fall. (online only)