Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program

Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program Scholars will take a course of study that culminates in a Leadership Studies Minor (see below) and will have the opportunity to do an enhanced internship. Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program Scholars grow into leadership through service learning projects, a personal enhancement retreat and other special learning opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to present research at national, regional, and local undergraduate conferences. All of these elements combine to make this unique program a challenging and personally rewarding way to build leadership credentials and become equipped for future academic and career successes. Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program Scholars will be competitive for national merit scholarships and be prepared to succeed in graduate school.

Theodore Roosevelt Scholarships, made possible through the Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation, are granted on a competitive basis to incoming freshmen who meet program entrance criteria. Once admitted to the program, students form a leadership learning community share experiences and courses together for the next four years. TR Scholars take special courses taught by distinguished faculty that allow them to become more adept in their future role as leaders in business, education, medicine, or whatever career path they choose. Students completing this program will graduate with a Leadership Studies Minor and are recognized and presented a framed certificate and honors medallion to be worn during the graduation procession.