NURS 241 Intermediate Nursing Concepts I

NURS 241 is a sequential didactic course for students enrolled in the AASPN Program. The student will build upon theory and skills taught in previous nursing courses and will progress toward mastery of the End of Program Student Learning Outcomes (EPSLOs) of professionalism, communication, assessment, planning, and caring interventions as defined by the Department of Nursing. Concepts/principles related to the following units are included in this course: (1) Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid/Base Balance and Intravenous Therapy, (2) Human Reproduction, Care of the Newborn, Sexuality, Male/Female Reproductive Disorders, (3) Musculoskeletal, Arthritis and Connective Tissue Disorders, (4) Cardiac and Hematologic Disorders, and (5) Poisoning, Child Abuse, Immunizations, Burns, Skin Disorders and Communicable Diseases. Physiologic, psychological, socio-cultural, developmental and spiritual aspects are incorporated in the care of patients across the lifespan, and identifying pertinent concepts from academic support courses. Prerequisite: NURS 231 - Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. Co-requisite: NURS 298B - Intermediate Nursing Concepts Clinical I. Fall.