Administrative Withdrawal from Courses

Under special or extenuating circumstances, a student may be administratively withdrawn from courses at any time, either during the current enrollment, or after the course has been completed and grade assigned through the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs in coordination with the Director of Academic Records if circumstances warrant such action. Either a student, instructor, or administrator can request such a withdrawal in writing on the appropriate form. Students may not single out specific courses that receive a failing grade for withdrawal unless the course was never attended or mistakenly registered for. If the withdrawal is approved, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs will submit a written document to this effect to the Office of Academic Records.

If a student is administratively withdrawn during a session of current enrollment, the instructor of record and advisor for a course from which a student has been administratively withdrawn will be notified that the course withdrawal has been recorded and informed of the reason for the withdrawal.

Because of potential difficulties in contacting instructors who may no longer be employed by the University with respect to the verification of the student’s attendance record in any particular course, no administrative withdrawal will be granted after more than one calendar year has passed. Exceptions to the one-year limitation and single course for administrative course withdrawal may be granted because of documented extenuating personal circumstances after being considered by the Director of Academic Records and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

An administrative course withdrawal will create “W’s” for the course/s being withdrawn. All remaining course grades completed during the semester of withdrawal will remain on the transcript, i.e., courses completed during the eight-week block sessions.