Writing Requirements in English

English majors must complete a minimum of six credit hours of general education WAC courses not part of students’ degree plans. Those credits may consist of DSU’s College Composition I and II, which are writing intensive, or transfer courses or credit considered equivalent according to SBHE placement and transfer policies. All English courses are WAC/WID courses, but not all of them are writing intensive.  English majors must complete an additional 12 hours of WAC/WID courses in English, nine hours of which must consist of any of the following combination of writing intensive courses with six of those hours consisting of upper-level credit:

ENGL 210 College Composition III (3)

ENGL 211 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)

ENGL 280 Sophomore Project (1) 

ENGL 288 Collaborative Writing and Special Projects (1-6)

ENGL 300 Technical Writing (3)

ENGL 305 Writing About Literature (3)

ENGL 310 Advanced Creative Writing (3)

ENGL 440 Literary Criticism (3)

ENGL 480 Senior Project (1) 

ENGL 488 Collaborative Writing and Special Projects (1-6)

English Education Majors may substitute their required Teacher Education Portfolio as a writing practice equivalent to three hours of writing intensive credit at any level.  Writing intensive credit may also be available through alternative means, such as completing other upper-level courses, including internships, which require extensive guided instruction and recursive practice in writing. Such alternative credit requires the student to submit a writing portfolio documenting the intensive writing accompanied by a program substitution form filed by the department Chair.