AGRI 394 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research, combined with AGRI 391 and AGRI 491 or RNG 491, will afford the student the opportunity to "experience" the application of their technical, communication, and organizational skills in the development, investigation, reporting, and presentation of an undergraduate research/investigation project. Students are expected to continue with their selected project (researching existing information and implementing project designs); plan for data analysis; author introduction and procedures sections and drafts of other sections of final report; and continue to seek funding, if applicable. Pre- or co-requisite: AGRI 391 - Junior Seminar and AGRI 350 - Agricultural Data Analysis and Statistics. Prerequisite: ENGL 120 - College Composition II or ENGL 121H - Honors Composition II. This course is part of the university's Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines program. Fall.