BIOL 305 General Microbiology

This is an advanced course designed for Natural Science majors. Emphasis will be placed on microbial (bacterial, viral, and fungal) structure, function, genetics, pathogenicity, growth, growth control, and diversity. Topics on evaluation, environmental microbiology, and biotechnology will also be discussed. This course includes a laboratory component. Prerequisites: BIOL 150/BIOL 150L - General Biology I/Lab, BIOL 151/BIOL 151L - General Biology II/Lab, CHEM 121/CHEM 121L - General Chemistry I/Lab and CHEM 122/CHEM 122L - General Chemistry II/Lab and ENGL 120 - College Composition II or ENGL 121H - Honors Composition II. This course is part of the university's Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines program. Fall.