Academic Forgiveness

A former student who has not been in attendance at DSU for four or more years, but who is presently enrolled, may request to exclude from grade-point-average calculations all grades earned in selected full terms completed at DSU prior to the four-year interval.

Courses and grades for the semester(s) selected will remain on the student’s academic record as attempted, but credits, honor points, and grades will be excluded from grade point average calculations. Academic Forgiveness will be applied to all Dickinson State University courses within the requested semester(s), which includes all passing and failing grades. Academic Forgiveness may affect eligibility of federal financial aid. The prior academic standing of a student will not change as a result of Academic Forgiveness. Courses where grades have been excluded cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirements.

A student who has completed a degree (bachelor, associate, certificate or a certificate of completion) at Dickinson State University will not qualify for academic forgiveness.

A student may exercise this option only once by submitting an Academic Forgiveness Request Form to the Office of Academic Records. Students granted academic forgiveness will have a statement printed on the official transcript indicating academic forgiveness for applicable terms.