Class Attendance Policy

  1. It is the official policy of Dickinson State University that all students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and labs of the courses in which they have enrolled as published in the official course schedule. Faculty must use their professional judgement regarding student attendance in the courses that they teach.
    1. Faculty are responsible for indicating their attendance policy on their course syllabi and for informing students how that attendance policy will be applied to the assigning of grades for the course.
  2. Faculty are required to excuse students from classes for the following events or circumstances and to provide opportunities for students to make up exams or class work which the student may miss for these sanctioned absences. The faculty member is expected to accommodate the student's situation without compromising the academic integrity of the course or in-class experience.  
    1. Academically related and institutionally sponsored activities (class field trips, athletic competitions, study tours, band and chorale tours, student government activities, student board sponsored activities, etc.)
      • The faculty member, advisor, or coach will prepare written notification of these absences and circulate them to faculty and staff.
      • This notification is to be circulated prior to the activity.
      • Faculty is required to accommodate the student for these circumstances and not penalize them for engaging in institutional activities.
    2. Medical and other personal situations for which the student has no control; i.e., weather, court subpoena, jury duty, etc.
      • The student is responsible for providing documentation for medial emergencies and legal situations.
      • In cases of death of student family members, the faculty member is expected to accommodate the student's situation.
  3. All students have the responsibility for personally contacting instructors concerning their absences from the class and any corresponding class work, especially if specific assignments are due on the day of absence. Faculty must use their professional judgement and discretion in making such allowances regarding course work.