Graduation Requirements: Notice to Students

Transcript Posting of Official Graduation Dates

The official graduation date posted on transcripts will reflect the term and date when the Office of Academic Records certifies that all graduation requirements have been met. In the case of incomplete courses that are needed for graduation, and completed after the term of enrollment, the courses are posted for the term of enrollment and the graduation date is posted for the graduation date (Fall, Spring, Summer) closest to the actual completion of all degree requirements and certification by the Director of Academic Records.

Students who graduate with a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, or awarded a certificate, must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. Some programs require a minimum GPA that is higher than 2.00.

While the University provides students access to information and guidance, it is each individual student’s responsibility to carefully review the specific degree requirements of his/her academic program and the general graduation requirements of the University indicated in this document and to take advantage of that assistance and guidance on a frequent basis, and thus, ultimately, to be responsible for completing the requirements needed to fulfill their degree requirements.

Transcripted Academic Data “Frozen” at the Time of Degree Completion

Once graduated with a baccalaureate degree, Dickinson State University will not permit alteration to the course titles, grades, or GPA calculation of a student’s academic transcript for any reason, unless incorrect information was initially recorded as a result of misinformation received by the Director of Academic Records from a Dickinson State University faculty member or administrator.

Limits of Hours Acceptable Toward Graduation

Dickinson State University places limits on certain types of courses that may be used to fulfill graduation requirements for the Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Limit of 15 semester hours of Elective Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading. NOTE: S/U credits earned as a result of taking classes where a letter grade was not an option WILL NOT count towards the 15 credit maximum.
  2. Limit of 30 semester hours of Competency Based Credit-Earning Options.
  3. Limit of 10 semester hours of Armed Service free elective credit.
  4. Limit of 12 semester hours of Service Learning credit.
  5. Limit of 12 semester hours of internship
  6. Limit of eight credits of peer tutoring

(NOTE: All credit limitations that apply to the Bachelor’s degree shall apply to the Associate’s degree at one-half the credit hours.)