Withdrawal from the University

A student who finds it necessary to cancel or withdraw from the University must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form which can be located on the DSU website. A student may withdraw from the university through the 12th week of the semester.

Withdrawals (with the exception of medical or family emergency) will not be allowed after the 12th week of the semester according to SBHE policy 406.1. Application for Late Withdrawal Form is available on the DSU website and requires additional documentation. Application for Late Withdrawal Form must also be accompanied by the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form.

If a student does not complete the withdrawal process as described above, the student will receive the grade of “F” in all courses.

A schedule of tuition refunds is maintained by the Office of Business Affairs. That schedule will be followed unless extenuating circumstances are directed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration or his/her designee.