Writing Requirements in Music

Music majors must complete a minimum of six credit hours of general education WAC courses not part of students’ degree plans.  Those credits may consist of DSU’s College Composition I and II, which are writing intensive, or transfer courses or credit considered equivalent according to SBHE placement and transfer policies.  Music majors must complete an additional 12 hours of WAC/WID courses, including at least three hours of writing intensive courses marked by an asterisk:

 MUSC 122 Music Theory and Analysis I (3)

 MUSC 124 Music Theory and Analysis II (3)

*MUSC 201 Introduction to World Music (3)

 MUSC 222 Music Theory and Analysis III (3)

 MUSC 224 Music Theory and Analysis IV (3)

*MUSC 326 Music History and Literature I (3)

*MUSC 327 Music History and Literature II (3)

*MUSC 488 Senior Recital (1)

Writing intensive credit may also be available through alternative means, such as completing other upper-level courses, including internships, which require extensive guided instruction and recursive practice in writing.  Such alternative credit requires the student to submit a writing portfolio documenting the intensive writing accompanied by a program substitution form filed by the department Chair.