Refunds for Tuition and Fees

Students who register at Dickinson State University and decide to withdraw must contact the Office of Student Affairs to complete the withdrawal form.

For students who choose to withdraw from the University after registration of the fall or spring semester, refunds will be issued based upon the number of instructional weeks attended. The complete North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Policy 830.2 may be viewed at North Dakota University System’s website under Policies and Procedures.

% Semester Completed                                                                                                      Refund

0 - 8.99% 100%
9% - 34.99% 75%
35% - 59.99% 50%
More than 59.99%

Students who choose to drop a course or courses but remain enrolled, will receive refunds based on the following percentages:


% Semester Completed                                                                                                      Refund

 0 - 8.99%


 More than 8.99%


**There will be no refund of fees in you remain enrolled in 12 or more credit hours.