SEED 366 Learning and Literacy in the Secondary School

This course examines secondary curriculum planning, teaching methods, assessment strategies, and the holistic role of “teacher.” Through a reflective process, students will learn to develop comprehensive courses, units, and lessons that include performance-based learning objectives, utilize research-based teaching practices, personalize their students’ learning, rely on assessment data to guide current and subsequent instruction, and help their students meet established academic standards. An emphasis is placed on developmental reading as well as reading and study techniques that enhance the effectiveness of subject matter instruction. Students will integrate literacy into content areas instruction in major content areas. In the co-requisite field experience, students will teach in a secondary school, putting into practice course topics, including strategies for multicultural education and classroom management. Teaching is both an art and a craft. Planning, organizing, and evaluating are aspects of the craft of teaching, which provides a framework for student learning. Creativity, instructional style, and interpersonal skills are aspects of the art of teaching, which allows the instructor to customize the learning process and to meet the needs of individual students. This course will explore ways of combining these two aspects of teaching to provide a rich and productive classroom learning. Co-requisite: SEED 398B - Secondary Methods Block Field Experience I or SEED 398C - Secondary Methods Block Field Experience II. Fall.