School of Business and Entrepreneurship

College of Education, Business and Applied Sciences


Full-time Faculty: L. Heidt - Chair, R. Butz, L. Corbin, L. Hauf, A. Kass, T. Kessel, M. Lowe, K. Voutsas, D. Whippo


Dickinson State University’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship’s Mission is to educate and prepare skilled, principled and entrepreneurial graduates who will have a positive impact in their professions, their companies, and their communities.

Participation in Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines

By completing the designated courses for degree programs in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, students will have completed the requirements for the university’s writing program as described in the Academic Affairs section of the catalog for Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines. See the Writing Across the Curriculum section of the catalog for the designated courses used to meet writing requirements for your program plan. Course descriptions will also identify courses that are part of the writing program.


Course Rotations and Degree Plans for Programs Below