Human Resource Management Certificate

The Human Resource Management Certificate is intended to be built on a two- or four-year degree programs; however, students can enter the program with permission from the SoBE chair. The curriculum prepares students for careers in human resource management. The certificate is ranked #1 nationally by Intelligence and HR.com for quality and alignment to the Society for Human Resource Management.

NOTE: To enroll in the courses below, students must meet the following requirements: junior status or successful completion of an associate or bachelor’s degree, 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA, and successful completion of a course in Accounting. Students may have these requirements waived by the Chair of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship based on professional work experience as demonstrated in a portfolio.

Certificate available in Bismarck, DSUlive, and online



BADM 336Management and Leadership


BADM 346Human Resource Management


BADM 356Organizational Behavior


BADM 369Business Ethics and Critical Thinking


BADM 460Human Resource Development



BADM 497Business Administration Internship, Externship, Cooperative Education


One Credit Required


Total Credit Hours: 16