Associate in Science Degree - Secondary Education Option

Associate in Science in Secondary Education provides students with some content and pedagogy required of students in the B.S. program. This program is beneficial for those who are working as paraprofessionals in the school district and parents who may want to gain some pedagogy for working with their own children. This program transitions into the B.S. in content area Secondary Education.

The Associate in Science in Secondary Education degree includes courses in General Education and professional education. A grade of "C" or better is required in all professional education courses graded on an "A" through "F" letter basis, and a grade of "S" is required in all professional education courses grades on an "S/U" letter basis.

Degree Requirements:

General Education

Professional Education Courses

Elective Courses

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General Education Requirements for the Associate in Science degree in Secondary Education

The university's general education requirements as set forth in the catalog must be met. Students who want to continue with a BS in Education should contact their intended major department for general education courses that may be required in the major. The following general education course is a requirement for the Associate in Science Secondary Education degree.

General Education Requirements

PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology


Education Core:

EDUC 250Introduction to Education with Field Experience


EDUC 280Education of Exceptional Learners


EDUC 300Teaching For Diversity with Field Experience


EDUC 360Managing the Learning Environment


EDUC 405Educational Psychology


ENGL 382Adolescent Literature


PSYC 353Adolescent Psychology


Students will select 2-3 credits from the following:

SEED 370Reading in the Content Areas


EDUC 305Philosophy and Curriculum of Middle School


ELED 281Reading for the Elementary Teacher


MATH 277Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I


Total Credit Hours: 25-26