Campus Safety

Dickinson State University’s Office of Emergency Management oversees campus safety for the DSU campus and can be reached at 701-290-1068. In an emergency, call 911.

DSU Emergency Management will provide referrals to police and medical assistance as needed. In compliance with Campus Right-to-Know legislation and the Clery Act, those identified as campus safety personnel will report all incidents to campus authorities or local Law Enforcement. All reportable violations are compiled in a statistical report, which is available in the Emergency Management Office and included in the Annual Security Report.

The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990

The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act was passed by Congress on November 9, 1990. This law mandates that institutions that receive Title IV federal funds disclose crime statistics for certain serious offenses that occurred on campus and in adjacent areas for the current and two previous years. It also requires institutions to share information on their campus safety policies and procedures. The information is provided for the purpose of assisting campus community members in reducing their risk of becoming a victim of crime. It is also a measurement on best practices with safety policies, procedures, and programs that are effective.

For additional information beyond what is contained within these pages, please contact Campus Safety at 701-290-1068. This report can be found at: DSU Campus Safety.

Student ID cards are managed through the Office of Emergency Management located at the Student Center, Office 109. If a student has lost their ID card, they should first go to the Business Affairs Office and pay $25.00. Bring back the receipt showing their account has been charge $25.00 to the Office of Emergency Management, and a new ID will be issued. If the card is broken or not working, stop by the Office of Emergency Management, and a new ID will be issued without charge. If a student has any questions or concerns, they should stop by the office during regular University business hours.

Registration of Vehicles

Every student and employee must have a current parking permit to legally park a vehicle on campus. A Student Parking Permit is $40 and paid at the beginning of the fall semester. Student Parking Permits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Parking permits must be displayed on the rear-view mirror so that the permit number faces toward the windshield. Any alteration of a permit will render it invalid.

An individual must have their vehicle registered with DSU Emergency Management, located in the Student Center, Room 109, to park on campus. State Fleet vehicles are not required to display a parking permit and are allowed to park anywhere on DSU campus property. Parking permits will be purchased online through Campus Connection. Utilize the Student Self Service Icon. Online purchasing for parking permits will be available July 1, 2022.

To Purchase a Permit

  1. Log-in to Campus Connection
  2. Click on the Student Self Service Icon
  3. Follow this path: Parking > Parking System > Log in > Get Permits
  4. Select Permit and Permit Agreement
  5. Add vehicle(s) to permit.
  6. If no plate is present, the last 8 of the vehicle identification number (VIN) should be temporarily used.
    1. For the state select “Missing Plate”
    2. Once plate is known, add vehicle with new plate information.
  7. View Cart and select Pay Now
  8. Payment Receipt
  9. Official Permits – Pick up at DSU Office of Emergency Management in the Student Center, 109.

Fields with an * are required fields.

For specific parking questions or requests, call the Office of Emergency Management at 701-483-2407 or the on-duty phone at 701-290-1068.

Parking permits are required in areas except when parked in:

  1. Visitor parking areas
  2. Free parking zones/lots
  3. Loading/unloading zones
  4. Areas designated as public parking for a special event
  5. City street parking

Parking Areas

Subject to modification, the parking permit classifications and parking area privileges are shown below. Permits are not valid in spaces designated for loading/unloading zones, no parking zones, and fire lanes. Parking permits are color coded.

Permit Type Signage
Faculty/Staff Staff Parking/Permit Parking Only
Students Permit Parking Only
Visitor Designated Visitor Parking or Open Parking Only

For more information visit Campus Safety.