Student Affairs

Student Affairs provides resources and support to assist students in pursuing their academic goals at Dickinson State University. In collaboration with the mission of the University, the philosophical foundation of Student Affairs is one of student-centered leadership. Staff seek to create a community of care, fostered through collaborative and personal relationships. The staff within Student Affairs invite students to engage with the holistic DSU experience, in and out of the classroom. The staff are here to assist students every step of the way.

Numerous functional units comprise Student Affairs including: First Year Experience, International Programs, Campus Life (including residence life), Campus Activities, the Student Opportunity and Resource (SOAR) Center, and Student Health, Wellness and Counseling.

The services and resources provided by these functional entities are informed by the following core values:

Student-Centered Services: Dickinson State University is committed to fostering student success. The University provides many programs and resources to help ensure student success is assessed through defined university learning outcomes and resulting in the earning of a college degree. These services are provided with a focus on students, and designed to help students learn and grow as part of the Blue Hawk family. Students are paramount to the campus community!

Collaborative Partnerships: Student Affairs maintains partnerships on, and off campus specifically focused on students.

Creating a Community of Care: Student Affairs is committed to the physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being of Dickinson State University students. The Student Affairs staff make conscious efforts to offer opportunities to learn about and implement positive behaviors for the purpose of improving and/or maintaining health and well-being. This effort involves collaborative efforts between Student Health Services, Campus Wellness, and student-focused programming in and out of the residential halls. Student Privacy Rights, Drug and Substance Abuse Policy, Tobacco Free Policy, and the Significant Infectious Diseases Policy information are accessible through the Student Handbook online. Of particular importance is the information pertaining to Campus Violence, Sexual Harassment and Dickinson State University’s Harassment Complaint Policy and Procedure information.

Enhancing Student Learning: Student Affairs supports the Mission of the University by providing resources to promote personal and professional development, leadership, and life-long learning in a safe environment that encourages collaboration, campus and civic engagement and diversity. While numerous functional units enhance student learning, students may seek specific information to the First Year Experience, Student Opportunity and Resource (SOAR) Center services and supports, which are described in the Student Handbook.

Fostering an Accessible & Inclusive Community: DSU is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all students. Whether through financial support, student development efforts, and/or student clubs and organizations, there is a place for every student at DSU. DSU provides a multitude of events and activities allowing students to better know and understand each other through association and activities outside the classroom. The campus community engages in learning and growth opportunities. As such, students have the right and responsibility to engage in dialogue respectively, honoring differing perspectives.

Student Code of Conduct: As part of the DSU community, students should be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct, found online. The Student Code of Conduct establishes the standards and disciplinary procedures which govern student conduct at Dickinson State University. All students and student organizations are expected to become familiar with this Code and to assure its successful implementation by observation and support of its objectives.

Student Handbook: Students should be familiar with the policies, rights, and responsibilities as outlined in the DSU Student Handbook, which can also be found online. The Student Handbook contains information such as motor vehicle use and parking, library usage, and policies relevant to students such as: Email Policy, Computer Use Policy, Live-On Campus Requirements Policy, and Electronic Device Policy